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Original Traditional Thangka Painting

Our intricate and often elaborate thangkas are all hand painted by me, a Nepali thangka master artist, or my student artists as well as our graduate, master artists.

This art tradition started over 1,500 years ago as learning tutorials for the Tibetan monks. The strange and often scary paintings in this style are often designed by high lamas like the HH Dalai Lama. They go into trance and have visions of the gods and then paint what the vision depicted. Although thangka paintings go quite well with many decors, they can also be used for meditation. Here is an example about how the narration of one very famous thangka.

Our little school, Sunapati Thanka Painting School, sits at the steps of the oldest Hindu temple still in use in Nepal, the Changunarayan Temple. Although we are in the busy Kathmandu Valley, our village is a hub of traditional, Nepali life with goats, chickens, ducks, buffalo and sheep often wondering freely. The people dress in traditional Newari clothing and are genuinely friendly and welcoming. Here is a video a lovely guest made for us.

Changunarayan is home of several handcraft initiatives, such as wood-carved masks, felt products and hand crochet wool hats and gloves. It's a lovely community with plenty to see and do. We have trekking routes, a lovely pine forest and birds, trees, flowers and butterflies throughout.

We are always happy to have travelers enjoy our village during their stay in Nepal. We even offer thangka painting classes for either short-term or serious students.

25% of retail prices go to support our grassroots NGO, Kay Garnay for Nepal. This little agency supports the village and promotes Nepal. We do environmental projects, rebuilding homes for earthquake victims and humanitarian work such as warm clothing and book drives. If you'd like to come to volunteer we'd love to have you here in Changunarayan. We provide a room at no charge at our guesthouse, Star View Guest House with only a small donation for food that is prepared for you. It's Western managed with many upgrades you don't expect to see in Nepal in this price range. Please feel free to contact us if you are planning a trip to Nepal.

All our thangkas are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Most of our paintings come in 4 quality levels: Student Level, Intermediate Level, Master Level and Master Gold. We even send an email of your thangka as it's being painted because you can custom order and have your thangka in 2-6 weeks, depending on quality and size. We've been selling online for over 4 years and have no unresolved complaints, yet! website
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