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Handmade Jewellery

Beading My Way Through Life

My love for creating beaded jewelry was born out of two poorly constructed keychains I attempted to make for friends. Eventually, I began to improve and discovered that I had a knack and a love for designing and creating bracelets in a number of different styles. While bracelets have always been my most successful item, I slowly started making and introducing necklaces and earrings in my shop as well, but bracelets will always be my first love. Ironically, keychains are something I've never made to sell!

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Common questions asked about

1. What is the purpose of the Wonderland Jewelry Blog?

The Wonderland Jewelry Blog is a platform for the owner to share her experiences and journey in the world of jewelry making. She discusses her creative process, showcases her handmade jewelry, and provides insights into the industry. It is a place for jewelry enthusiasts to connect and learn more about the art of jewelry making.

2. Can I purchase jewelry from the Wonderland Jewelry Blog?

No, the Wonderland Jewelry Blog does not directly sell jewelry. However, the owner mentions her membership in Self-Representing Artists in Jewelry Design, which indicates that she creates and sells her own jewelry. She may provide information on where to purchase her creations or other handmade jewelry in her blog posts.

3. What is Artisouls and how is it related to the Wonderland Jewelry Blog?

Artisouls is an online marketplace where artisans and vintage product sellers can create their own shops to sell their handmade arts and crafts. The owner of the Wonderland Jewelry Blog has opened a store at Artisouls and shares her positive experience with the community aspect of the site. She also mentions receiving recognition and exposure for her shop through Artisouls' social media platforms.

4. What is the SRAJD and how does it benefit the jewelry designers?

The SRAJD (Self-Representing Artists in Jewelry Design) is an international organization of jewelry designers who create and sell their own jewelry. The owner of the Wonderland Jewelry Blog expresses her excitement about being a member of SRAJD and mentions the numerous benefits it offers. While specific benefits are not mentioned, being part of this organization likely provides networking opportunities, exposure, and support for jewelry designers.

5. How can I stay updated with the Wonderland Jewelry Blog?

To stay updated with the Wonderland Jewelry Blog, you can visit the website regularly to read new blog posts. Additionally, you can follow the owner on social media platforms such as Twitter, where she mentions tweeting about items she has for sale and identifies the online marketplace where they can be purchased. Following her on social media will ensure you receive updates on her latest creations and any news related to her jewelry business.

Some reasons to choose

Membership in Self-Representing Artists in Jewelry Design

The company offers membership in Self-Representing Artists in Jewelry Design, an international organization of jewelry designers who create and sell their own jewelry. This membership provides numerous benefits to the members.

Online marketplace for handmade arts and crafts

The company provides an online marketplace called Artisouls where sellers can easily build a shop to showcase and sell their handmade arts and crafts. This platform allows sellers to reach a wider audience and connect with potential customers.

Community aspect of Artisouls

The company emphasizes the community aspect of Artisouls, where sellers can interact with each other and build relationships. This sense of community creates a supportive environment for sellers and fosters collaboration and growth.

Recognition and promotion on social media

The company actively promotes sellers' shops on social media platforms, such as Twitter. They have a large following of 17.5K followers, which increases the visibility of sellers' products and potentially attracts more customers.

Opportunity to reach new customers

By being a part of Artisouls, sellers have the opportunity to reach new customers who may not have discovered their products otherwise. This expands their customer base and increases their chances of making sales.

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