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Exquisite Rice Paper for Decoupage and Crafts


Introducing Decoupage Central Rice Paper, a carefully curated collection of paper and designs for decoupage and paper crafts. We feature A4, A3, 17x 23, and 20 x 30 designs giving you the versatility you need for to bring your vision to life!

Our decoupage paper is easy to use and can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including wood, metal, glass, and plastic. Simply isolate the design you want to use, apply a coat of decoupage medium to the surface, and carefully position the paper before smoothing it down with a brush or with your fingertips.

Whether you're a seasoned crafter or just starting out, Decoupage Central Paper is the perfect choice for anyone looking to add a touch of style to their creations. Try it today and see for yourself why so many people love this versatile and beautiful decoupage paper.

Decoupage Central is accepting wholesale accounts.

A selection of products by

A4 Dramatic Mechanical Butterfly Rice Paper Milky Valley ID125
A4 Dramatic Mechanical Butterfly Rice Paper Milky Valley  ID125
A3 Large Watering Can Rice Paper, AB Studios 4113
A3 Large Watering Can Rice Paper, AB Studios 4113
DIGITAL IMAGE: Battle Cow Instant Download
DIGITAL IMAGE: Battle Cow Instant Download
DIGITAL IMAGE: Battle Rooster Instant Download
DIGITAL IMAGE: Battle Rooster Instant Download
ITD A4 White Wreath Rice Paper 2328
ITD A4 White Wreath Rice Paper 2328

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Common questions asked about

1. What types of products does Decoupage Central offer?

Decoupage Central offers a wide range of products for decoupage enthusiasts. This includes A4, 17'x23', and 20'x30' decoupage papers in various designs. They also offer special collections for occasions like Easter and Valentine's Day. Additionally, they have products from popular brands like Dixie Belle, IOD, Pentart, and Iron Orchid Designs. They also provide printables for those who prefer digital designs.

2. Can I shop by collection on Decoupage Central?

Yes, Decoupage Central allows customers to shop by collection. This makes it easier to find specific designs or themes that match your preferences. Whether you're looking for a specific holiday collection or a particular brand, you can browse through their collections to find exactly what you need.

3. Are there any retired products available on Decoupage Central?

Yes, Decoupage Central offers retired products from Iron Orchid Designs (IOD). These retired IOD products may be limited in stock, so it's recommended to check their website regularly for any updates or new additions. These retired products can be a great find for collectors or those looking for unique designs.

4. How can I stay updated with new designs and projects from Decoupage Central?

To stay updated with new designs and projects from Decoupage Central, you can sign up for their updates. Simply provide your email address and subscribe to their newsletter. This way, you'll receive regular updates on new products, promotions, and inspiring project ideas.

5. Does Decoupage Central offer international shipping?

Yes, Decoupage Central offers international shipping. They understand that decoupage enthusiasts can be located worldwide, and they strive to provide their products to customers globally. When placing an order, you can select your country for shipping options and costs. Please note that international shipping times may vary depending on the destination.

Some reasons to choose

Wide Range of Products

The company offers a diverse collection of products, including A4 Decoupage Paper, 17'x23' Decoupage Paper, 20'x30' Decoupage Paper, Easter-themed designs, Valentine's-themed designs, and more. This wide range of options allows customers to find exactly what they need for their projects.

High-Quality Materials

All of the company's products are made with high-quality materials, ensuring that customers receive durable and long-lasting items. This attention to quality ensures that projects will turn out beautifully and stand the test of time.

Unique Designs

The company offers a selection of unique designs, including Decoupage Central Designs, Dixie Belle designs, IOD designs, and Pentart designs. These exclusive designs allow customers to create one-of-a-kind projects that stand out from the crowd.

Retired IOD Collection

In addition to their current collections, the company also offers a selection of retired IOD designs. These limited-edition designs are no longer in production, making them highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts.

Printables and Iron Orchid Designs

Customers can also find a variety of printables and Iron Orchid Designs products on the company's website. These additional offerings provide even more options for creativity and customization.'

Selected and consolidated information about

Company History:

Jonelle and Steve Kelly introduced Decoupage Central as an extension of their passion for the creative industries. They also run The Pickers Palace, a top Etsy store with a highly curated collection of craft supplies and a lot of decoupage paper.

Meet the Team:

The creative force behind Decoupage Central are Jonelle and Steve Kelly from Texas. Their creativity and love of upcycling combine to bring powerful, relevant, and interesting decoupage papers for creative pursuits.

Shipping & Delivery:

Decoupage Central ships in 3-4 days using USPS first class mail. They provide USPS tracking labels for all packages.

Returns Information:

Decoupage Central does not accept returns. In case of errors or damage, they offer assistance via email.


Decoupage Central seeks creatives with established followings to work as affiliates and influencers, showcasing decoupage paper in their crafts.
US (Florence, TX) based business providing retail decoupage paper. Website includes e-commerce facilities, delivery and returns information, FAQs, contact form. reviewer
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Decoupage Central presents itself as a reliable supplier of professionally printed rice paper from Poland and tissue papers from the USA, catering to both retail and wholesale markets. The company's website showcases a diverse collection of decoupage papers, including special categories for Easter and Valentine's Day, along with a Christmas collection. They also feature products from Dixie Belle and IOD, including molds, paint inlays, and retired treasures. The site's professional layout, clear categorization of products, and options for instant downloads, along with a dedicated section for design teams, affiliates, and influencers, reinforce its credibility and commitment to quality in the decoupage supplies niche.
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