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Directory of Basketry Related Websites

Handmade willow baskets and weaving workshops twitter facebook SILVER LISTING
Out of the Woods is a willow weaving business based in Leeds, UK. I make baskets & other items to sell on craft markets around Yorkshire. I deliver half and full-day willow weaving workshops and am available for private bookings.
spider website last visited/checked by us on 27 February 2021

Hebridean Baskets facebook
I make a number of different types of basket at the croft where I live and work, mostly using willow which I have planted and grown myself. I have also been involved in sculpture products using willow.
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Ted Bruce Baskets
I have been making baskets since 1998 and take my inspiration from the lovely Shropshire countryside. I use English willow - some of which I grow myself - to make strong, attractive baskets for a wide range of uses.
spider website last visited/checked by us on 27 February 2021
fast loading fast loading website
Award-winning basketmaker; contemporary baskets & unconventional bags for exhibition & catwalk. Craft Scotland COMPASS: Emerging Maker 2019; Applied Arts Scotland Shift Canada 2019/20; "Basketry: Function & Ornament", Ruthin; "Bags, Bottles & Baskets"
spider website last visited/checked by us on 27 February 2021

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