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Animation (1)
Art (95)
Balloons and Party Supplies (1)
Basketry (4)
Beading & Beadcraft (8)
Bookbinding and Gilding (2)
Calligraphy (2)
Candle Making (7)
Card Making (30)
Ceramics & Pottery (36)
Clothing & Accessories (69)
Craft Making Supplies (57)
Cross-Stitch (10)
Decorative Food (2)
Decoupage (1)
Doll Making (4)
Dolls House (1)
Floral Crafts (7)
Food (2)
Furnishings (18)
General Art and Craft (51)
Glass (17)
Handmade Jewellery (198)
Homeware (27)
Knitting & Crochet (29)
Lace Making (0)
Leatherwork (5)
Metal Crafts (3)
Music (1)
Needlepoint (7)
Patchwork Quilting (2)
Personalised Gifts (7)
Photography (6)
Printing Services (7)
Quilting (12)
Rug Making (5)
Scrapbooking (12)
Sell Your Crafts (13)
Signage (4)
Soap Making (5)
Stamping (5)
Stationery (6)
Stuffed Toys (2)
Textiles & Fabrics (30)
Wedding and Event Related (12)
Wooden Toys & Games (1)
Woodworking (34)
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The Graveyard - Where Websites are Laid to Rest

Don't be alarmed, but it happens...yes websites can die! We pronounce the "death" of a website only after a protracted period of downtime - we give each website every chance to survive. We realise sometimes hosting goes offline, domain names expire. That's OK! We sit patiently waiting for signs of life. After a month or so though...well, it's not looking good, is it? We manually review one last time...and...if there are no vital signs, we must pull the plug.

It's something we have to do in order to ensure the freshness of our directory - it's a necessary act, and all good directories need to do the same (though few actually take the time to do this). This is the other side of curation - removing websites that have ceased to exist.

Having said all that, we've decided to remember websites that have passed away from 1st November 2019 onwards, right here! There's no telling if a corpse may become reanimated, so you may see some sites take on a new life, reincarnated in another form. In any case, let us remember them here:-

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