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4 February 2014

The British Craft Trade Fair

The British Craft Trade Fair (BCTF) returns to Harrogate for it's annual visit from 6th - 8th April 2014, taking place at the Great Yorkshire Showground which is just a few minutes drive from the town centre. The Fair has now been in existence for over thirty five years and is strictly trade only.

The Fair showcases the work of British and Irish makers only, with no mass-produced products or any items made abroad allowed. Visitors will just get to see a selection of the best hand-made giftware available from over 500 talented makers working in the UK and Ireland.

If you meet the criteria of living in the British Isles and designing and making handmade giftware you will need to register with the BCTF as a Maker, following which your details will be added to their database. You will then receive your booking forms for BCTF and BCTFonline, the online trade catalogue. You should receive these through the post in May/June each year.

In addition you will receive E- Newsletters approximately 9 times per year, which give useful information about BCTF, and the Design Edge Online Trade Catalogue.

Every year the Fair includes a dedicated Newcomers Gallery where seventy-two new makers get the opportunity to exhibit their products.

To be classified as a newcomer you need to have been in business for less than three years and/or have recently graduated from college or university, and this will get you extra help and support as you prepare for your first trade fair. You will be able to download for free The Newcomers Guide, get advice on exhibiting your business, see photos of stall layouts from previous fairs and read exhibitor feedback from previous events.

Anyone exhibiting in the Newcomers Gallery will automatically be entered for the Newcomers Award of Excellence, which is sponsored by the Craft & Design Magazine.

Those of you that are more experienced but haven't previously exhibited at a trade fair, can exhibit in the main part of the Hall, and will still receive the same help as the newcomers.

If you would like to get your products seen by a wider market, this could be the event for you.
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